Bay | Springfield Ma Neighborhood Guide | Part 8/18

The Bay Neighborhood is located in the geographic center of Springfield, Massachusetts. It is mostly residential with a diverse array of housing types. Bay also has has industrial buildings, schools and businesses scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Bay Springfield Ma Map Marker

The northern border of Bay is formed by the Boston/Albany railroad and I-291 which leads to the Mass Pike. Bay Street runs along the northern border and is home to many industrial businesses. These businesses are in the fields of auto sales, auto repair, landscaping, and machinery.

Located between these industrial businesses is a small diner and pizzeria.

Route 66 Diner
Route 66 diner is an authentic 50’s style diner on Bay Street which opened in 1957. It was delivered to its current location by rail from New Jersey.

A Pizzeria, known as Old School Pizzeria is also located on this same strip.

Old School Pizza
Old School Pizza is further down Bay Street. It is a very popular spot on Friday evenings before High School Football games.

Route 66 Diner and Old School Pizzeria are a favorite among past & present Central High students who have admitted to patronizing these businesses before, after and even during school!

Bay  Springfield Neighborhood Aerial View
A majority of the northern part of the Bay neighborhood is taken up by Oak Grove Cemetery and a wooded nature conservation. The top right portion of Bay is occupied by the sprawling campus of Springfield Central High School, a school of over 2,000 students.

Springfield Central High School is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) magnet school known for its success in both athletics and academics. The school offers some of the largest assortments of (AP) Advanced Placement courses in Massachusetts.

The campus of Springfield Central High is the largest in Western Massachusetts. Inside of Springfield Central you can find:

  • Three gymnasiums
  • A swimming pool
  • A Band hallway/corridor
  • Art & Engineering hallway
  • Weight room
  • Three floors of classrooms
  • A recently built Science Wing for STEM classes
  • A large and small cafeteria
  • A broadcast journalism studio
Springfield Central High School
Entrance to the campus of Springfield Central High School.

The outside of the school includes:

  • A football stadium shared with Springfield other public High Schools
  • A track
  • Baseball/Softball fields
  • Tennis Courts

Across the parking lot from Central High is Smead Arena, a public ice skating rink and Blunt Park. Blunt Park includes basketball courts, baseball diamonds, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds. High school sports teams can be seen practicing and playing at Blunt Park year round as it is located less than a mile from 3 of Springfield’s high schools. Blunt Park and Roosevelt Avenue are frequently used as jogging routes by the local residents and track/cross country teams.

The Southern portion of Bay is mostly residential with the exception of American International College’s athletic facilities. Along the Southern section of Bay is State Street which is lined with small businesses and some of AIC’s academic buildings.

A majority of the housing is located between State Street and Oak Grove Cemetery. The housing style is pretty diverse with a majority of it consisting of multi-family victorian style houses or apartment complexes.

Bay Houses

Some Cape Cod style single family houses are located near Margaret C Ells Elementary School and along Roosevelt Avenue.

Bay Cape Houses
A look at almost identical Cape style houses lining Roosevelt Avenue.

Residents of Bay are located close to many of the city’s largest employers including Mass Mutual Life Insurance, Smith & Wesson, Big Y Foods, Performance Food Group, American International College and most of Springfield’s High Schools.

Every year, the neighborhood hosts the Stone Soul festival. The Stone Soul festival is held during the last weekend of August at Blunt Park. It is an African American music oriented festival with blues, gospel, soul and R&B performers. It attracts up to 17,000 attendees and is considered the largest African American festival in New England.

Fun Fact

  • Springfield Central High school was the largest high school in Massachusetts when built in 1986. Before being built, the house that previously stood on the site of the school was moved to a new location at the intersection of Bay St. and Edgewood St.
Bay Colonial House
The house that was moved from the land where Springfield Central High School was built still stands strong on the intersection of Bay Street and Edgewood Street.
Video Tour of the Bay Neighborhood.


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