Memorial Square (North End) | Springfield Ma Neighborhood Guide | Part 6/18

Springfield’s Memorial Square is a neighborhood that makes up the Eastern half of Springfield’s North End. The North End is a historic district in Springfield that encompasses Springfield’s Brightwood and Memorial Square neighborhoods. In the past, Memorial Square was an immigrant neighborhood and still is to this day. The neighborhood is characterized by Greek influence from the past and Puerto Rican influence, culture and businesses in the present.

Memorial Square Springfield Ma Map Marker

Memorial Square is surrounded by the town of Chicopee to the North and the neighborhoods of Brightwood to the West, Metro Center to the South and both Atwater Park and Liberty Heights to the East. 

Interstate 91 runs through the West side of Memorial Square slicing it from the Brightwood neighborhood and Springfield’s riverfront. An elevated portion of I-291 runs along the Southern border of the neighborhood.

Memorial Square Springfield Neighborhood Aerial View

Memorial Square can be described as urban residential with many of the houses being two and three family Victorian houses as well as numerous apartment buildings and some triple decker houses. The neighborhood is home to many notable architecture styles including Renaissance, Gothic Revival and Queen Anne.

Hooker Street apartments
Red brick townhouse Style Apartments on Main Street.
Memorial Square Apartments
Two large scale multi family buildings in Memorial Square.

Memorial Square is home to many of the city’s historical buildings. The trolley barn building on the corner of Main Street and Carew Street is one of the many brownstones with renaissance influences scattered throughout Springfield. It was once the service site for the Springfield Street Railway and has most recently been used as a service center for Peter Pan Bus Lines. Coincidentally, the first line for the Springfield Street Railway began where the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority headquarters stand today.

Trolley building
Peter Pan Coach Builders Trolley Barn.

The St. George Greek Orthodox Church is an example of a Gothic Revival Church and a symbol of the large Greek Influence of Memorial Square’s past. Greek Immigrants came in waves after the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the early twentieth century taking up jobs as mechanics, waiters and shoe cleaners. A Greek Cultural Center still exists across the street from the church.

Memorial Square church
St. George Greek Orthodox Church.
Greek Cultural Center
Greek Cultural Center.

Puerto Rican’s began arriving in the 1980’s as blue collar and agricultural workers from places such as Puerto Rico and New York City. They came in search of job opportunities in the farming industry as well as the cheaper living costs that Springfield had to offer compared to more expensive places such as NYC. Today the neighborhood is home to many Puerto Rican restaurants, churches and small businesses. 

Memorial Church
The old Memorial Parish House which exists today as a 23 unit building in Memorial Square.

Most of the businesses in Memorial Square are lined up along Main Street. The businesses include Spanish restaurants such as Old San Juan Bakery, convenience stores, medium sized supermarkets (Medina’s) and small local businesses. Many industrial and medical businesses are lined up on a strip to the west of I-91 and are virtually unreachable by pedestrians due to the highway overpass. Baystate Medical Center and Mercy Medical are adjacent to Memorial Square and many of the businesses from the Metro Center are scattered to the South of the neighborhood.

There are two small green spaces that exist throughout the neighborhood, Calhoun Park and Jaime Ulloa Park. Both parks include Baseball diamonds, playgrounds, basketball courts and handball courts.

Video drive through of Memorial Square.


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