Six Corners | Springfield Ma Neighborhood Guide | Part 7/18

The Six Corners neighborhood of Springfield is a small residential neighborhood consisting of an urban residential portion and culturally and architecturally distinct sub-neighborhoods. These sub-neighborhoods are Maple Heights and Ridgewood Historic District. 

Six Corners Springfield Ma Map Marker

Six Corners is bordered by the Metro Center to the North and the South End to the West. The Forest Park Neighborhood is at the southern border and its sister neighborhood, Old Hill is at the Eastern border. 

Six Corners Springfield Neighborhood Aerial View

The neighborhood is heavily urban and residential. Some parts densely packed with Victorian multi family houses and apartment complexes which comprises most of the housing in Six Corners. 

Some parts are less densely packed due to there being larger houses which only house one family. Many historic mansions are located in the Maples Heights and Ridgewood Historic District sections of the neighborhood.

The Ridgewood Historic District is home to Mulberry Street, a popular tourist destination popularized by Dr. Seuss’ first book “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”.

Mulberry Street
Mulberry Street.

Also located on Mullberry street are The Mulberry Houses, a futurist apartment building built in the 1950’s and converted into condominiums. The Mulberry houses offer one of the best views of Springfield’s Metro Center.

Mulberry Houses
Mulberry Houses on Mulberry Street.

The Mansions on Maple Hill also offer views similar the the Mulberry Houses. These mansions were built atop some of the highest points in the neighborhood and offer some of the best views of the Metro Center and Connecticut River.

Six Corners Metro Center View
A house on Maple Hill with great views of Springfield’s Metro Center.

Springfield’s Commonwealth Academy, a college preparatory boarding school sits on a hill in Six Corners where the MacDuffie boarding school once stood. MacDuffie moved to Granby, Massachusetts shortly before a tornado hit the campus and surroundings.

Artistic rendering of former MacDuffie campus between Maple Street and Central Street from

Both the MacDuffie campus and the Six Corners neighborhood were heavily affected by the tornado of 2011. The neighborhood has mostly recovered and many new houses were built in place of damaged houses.

Fun Fact

  • Milton Bradley, a famous board game manufacturer began in the Six Corners neighborhood in the late 1800’s. They developed the Milton Bradley Complex, a collection of factory buildings on Park, Cross and Willow Streets. In the 1970’s most these buildings were converted into apartments. One of these buildings was converted into Milton Bradley Elementary School.
Milton Bradley Elementary School
Milton Bradley Elementary School on the intersection of Mulberry Street and Maple Street in Six Corners.
Video Drive through of the Six Corners Neighborhood.


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